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As a community improvement program, Sullivan Renaissance is known for collaborating with a wide range of organizations, from local and state agencies to private sector companies to other nonprofits.

Sandra Gerry's Vision

“My thoughts turned almost immediately to Sullivan County- why couldn’t we do something like that here?”

Sandra Gerry Chair, Sullivan Renaissance

Sandra and Alan Gerry

Sandra and Alan Gerry
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Lamp Post in Neversink

“I sincerely believe Sullivan Renaissance to be the single most important program ever undertaken in the history of Sullivan County.”

John Conway Sullivan County Historian


The Beaverkill Foundation

The Beaverkill Foundation works to improve the quality of life in Sullivan County, including economic, social and beautification issues.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and The Museum at Bethel Woods

The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a not-for-profit cultural organization, located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY. Located just 90 miles from New York City on a lush campus featuring bucolic countryside views, the Center is comprised of the Pavilion Stage amphitheater that accommodates 15,000, an intimate 440-seat indoor Event Gallery, and the award-winning Museum at Bethel Woods. The Center offers a diverse selection of popular artists, culturally-rich performances, and educational, community, and museum programs committed to inspiring expression, creativity and innovation through the arts. Bethel Woods is exemplary in its efforts to engage, inspire and advocate for the accessibility of the arts for all ages and to connect with community partners to broaden programmatic reach and to strengthen support and resources for its activities.

The Museum at Bethel Woods is dedicated to the study and exhibition of the social, political and cultural events of the 1960s, including the Woodstock festival, and the legacies of those times, as well as the preservation of the 1969 Woodstock festival site. More than a nostalgic celebration of a colorful decade, the award-winning Museum provides a focus for deeper issues and lessons of the decade. The Museum is a dynamic and vibrant community resource where individuals and groups of all ages participate in tours, lively lectures, cinematic conversations, changing exhibitions and special events. The Museum features include a permanent exhibit space, Special Exhibit Gallery, Corridor Exhibit Gallery, Museum Theater, Event Gallery, retail store, café, and the Woodstock Monument.

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Catskill Mountainkeeper

Catskill Mountainkeeper is a grassroots advocacy organization that works through a network of concerned citizens to promote sustainable growth and protect the natural resources essential to healthy communities. Its mission is to be a strong and effective advocate for the Catskill region.

Sullivan Renaissance partners with Catskill Mountainkeeper on the “Catskill Edible Garden Project” to create outdoor classrooms at area schools. The program connects Sullivan County youth with food through hands on gardening and harvesting of vegetables, field trips to farms and the exploration of food related careers to “grow the next generation of food entrepreneurs.”

Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan (CFOS)

CFOS is a public charity that facilitates and manages more than 90 permanent endowment funds that combine maximum tax savings with maximum flexibility and the opportunity to make a difference at home.

Partners to offer a limited number of undergraduate scholarships to the college of one’s choice for Sullivan Renaissance volunteers who make a significant contribution to a Renaissance project.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Sullivan County

Cornell Cooperative Extension is a statewide educational organization that helps New York citizens put research-based knowledge to work. It brings the resources and knowledge of Cornell University to our rural communities. In Sullivan County CCE offers programs in community and commercial horticulture, agriculture, family and consumer sciences, financial education, nutrition, caregiving, parenting and 4-H youth development.

The partnership between Sullivan Renaissance and Cornell Cooperative Extension has allowed both organizations to enhance programming and leverage resources. Working together, the Sullivan County Master Gardeners Program has been revitalized to assist with educational programs and hands-on teaching of garden skills to community volunteers. Master Gardener Volunteers also participate in design and grant review for Sullivan Renaissance beautification projects. Another collaborative initiative is the Entrepreneurial and Teaching (EaT) Kitchen, a professionally designed and certified commercial kitchen available for commercial food preparation and educational programs and activities. Construction of a Greenhouse and High Tunnel is a third joint effort. These outdoor classrooms teach about growing plants, extend the growing season and add profitability to agriculture. They in turn have enabled collaboration with Sullivan BOCES Natural Resources Program. Cornell Cooperative Extension also provides the space for Sullivan Renaissance plants that are used in projects throughout the county.

Gerry Foundation

Established by Alan Gerry in 1996, The Gerry Foundation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life of Sullivan County and the surrounding area through economic and community development and the support of education, culture, music and the arts.


SullivanArc offers individuals with developmental disabilities and their families’ greater opportunities to live meaningful, contributing lives in their communities, at work and at play. Partners by cosponsoring the annual Sullivan County Garden Tour.

Sullivan County Center for Workforce Development (CWD)

The mission of the Center for Workforce Development (CWD) is to build a high-quality local workforce as a critical part of a stable economy. The Center for Workforce Development CWD partners with Sullivan Renaissance to administer our youth development and internship program.

Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce brings together the business and professional interests of the county, permitting them to accomplish collectively what none could do individually. Partners on Merchant Discount program.

Sullivan County Division of Planning and Environmental Management

Partners on a number of projects including: identifying and securing municipal and business grant opportunities; development of the county open space plan; and support of agriculture.

The Division of Planning facilitates the design and implementation of effective projects and programs designed to improve the economy, environment and physical infrastructure of the county.

Sullivan County Division of Public Works

Staff in the division’s 15 departments design, maintain and repair roads and bridges, plow snow, operate and maintain county buildings and parks, as well as fuel, maintain and repair the county’s vehicle fleet. The division also operates solid waste transfer stations, maintains and operates the Sullivan County International Airport and provides Weights and Measures services. Parks, Recreation & Beautification is part of the DPW.

Partners with Sullivan Renaissance on projects that are located on county properties including enhancements at the Sullivan County International Airport.

SUNY Sullivan Foundation

Partners to offer SUNY Sullivan scholarships to part and full-time students for Sullivan Renaissance volunteers who make a significant contribution to a Renaissance project.

SUNY Sullivan Foundation works to secure private funds to supplement the college’s traditional revenue sources, providing scholarship assistance, funding for equipment and enrichment programs and the ability to enhance and strengthen selected academic areas and programs.