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The central activity of Sullivan Renaissance is a two-phase community beautification grant program that runs from March through August in Sullivan County, NY. Early admission is available only for the community beautification and maintenance support programs.  Other Sullivan Renaissance grant programs will keep their traditional application deadlines which vary based on the program. This year's community program dates are as follows:

  • Additional Grant Applications available online Monday, February 2, 2015
  • Final grant application deadline, Wednesday, March 18, 2015
  • Grants will be awarded Thursday, April 23, 2015
  • Projects must be completed by Monday, August 3, 2015
  • Second round grants announced on Monday, August 10, 2015
  • Download Calendar here

See the section on Awards for additional opportunities.

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Community Beautification Grants

Communities may apply in category A, B or C, depending on the scope of their project. Please review criteria carefully. Sullivan Renaissance retains the right to reassign project categories. All grants are subject to rules and timelines detailed in the grant application.  Click here to get the applications.

Category A: Single Element Projects    View Project Criteria »

These are new projects at a single location.  The project must be a new initiative and not simply an enhancement to a previous project.  This category is a good place for new groups to begin, as well as for simple projects in small communities.   Examples include new welcome signs, sign replacement projects, small public gardens and parks, or streetscape amenities (planters, banners, trash receptacles, etc.).

Category B: Multi-Element Projects View Project Criteria »

These projects include multiple elements at a single location.  Experienced groups may also make significant enhancements to previously funded projects.  However, the grant cannot be used to replace an existing funding source or established program.  Examples include large public gardens, community park projects, building façade renovation, and roadside beautification. .

Category C: Community-Wide Projects     View Project Criteria »

These are projects at multiple locations that incorporate beautification as part of a long-term community-wide strategy.  Groups that engage in these projects are experienced and have a more formal organizational structure.  Examples include Main Street beautification, downtown revitalization and corridor enhancements.

Other Grant Programs

See all Applications »

Maintenance Support Program

Sullivan Renaissance recognizes the hard work and dedication needed to maintain projects over the years. This program aims to support established groups by providing tools and resources to assure sustainability. Applications will be accepted from established groups with a history of participation in the Sullivan Renaissance program. Maintenance support will be awarded based on the needs identified in the application.

Environmental Initiative Grants

Sullivan Renaissance offers a limited number of grants for projects that protect, enhance or conserve natural resources, such as recycling, stream restoration, tree planting, community vegetable gardens and innovative agricultural initiatives. Rolling deadline

Mini Grant

Sullivan Renaissance offers a limited number of reimbursable grants of up to $250 for those that would like to participate at a “mini” level by landscaping, planting flowers, or sprucing up.  Businesses are eligible to apply. Rolling deadline

Seasonal Demonstration Grants

Sullivan Renaissance offers a limited number of matching reimbursement grants up to $2,500 for camps, bungalow colonies and seasonal businesses to enhance the appearance of their property as a demonstration and inspiration for others.  Rolling deadline

School and Youth Initiatives

This program is intended to support the efforts of Sullivan County youth to make a positive difference in their school or home community.  Call the office for details

Technical Assistance Grants

Sullivan Renaissance offers a limited number of matching grants up to $2,500 for professional expertise and assistance with landscape design, conceptual renderings or organizational development. Businesses may also apply for a design consultation focused on exterior renovations, façade repairs, sign upgrades and/or landscaping.  Rolling deadline

Community Development Grants

Sullivan Renaissance provides community development grants to experienced groups interested expanding their beautification efforts into other areas, including downtown revitalization, planning and economic development.  This category also includes inter-municipal initiatives or corridor-based projects and community-wide façade improvement programs.  Rolling deadline

Community Mitzvah Award

This award program is designed to engage summer residents in county-wide beautification efforts. Select seasonal establishments are invited to participate in a contest by undertaking projects based on a variety of roadside visual improvements. The contest will begin on July 1, 2015 and continue through August 7, 2015. Call the office for more details.

Business Assistance Program

The Business Assistance Program is designed to provide targeted financial and technical assistance to businesses in Sullivan County aimed at improving both their physical appearance and profitability. Grants and technical assistance include: architectural consultations, façade enhancements, interior improvements, business mentoring and customer service training. Businesses interested in applying for assistance through this program are asked to first submit an Expression of Interest form.