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Become a Community Volunteer

May 4, 2009

BETHEL, – Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is seeking interested and committed volunteers to help support a broad spectrum of rewarding volunteer opportunities in 2009.  Members of the community, who are interested in being a part of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, may choose to volunteer their time serving in The Museum at Bethel Woods, assisting with educational and administrative activities or helping patrons during concerts and events.

“Volunteers have contributed to the success of Bethel Woods since its opening in 2006, playing a critical role during the busy summer concert season, during the fall Harvest Festival, and assisting in The Museum at Bethel Woods.  We consider our volunteers community partners and are extremely grateful to them for their service,” said Darlene Fedun, Chief Operating Officer.

Last year approximately 140 volunteers provided more than 6200 hours of service in a variety of roles. Currently, there are many opportunities available: as a gallery assistant in The Museum at Bethel Woods, in guest relations serving as a greeter, providing guest assistance at performances and special events, assisting ushers during concerts, and in an office environment helping administration with the volunteer office and with the Friends program.

Volunteers are needed seasonally and on a year-round basis, with an average commitment of ten to fifteen hours per month.  Orientation and training are provided to all volunteers and are currently scheduled for May.  Mid-career adults and retirees have made up the majority of Bethel Woods volunteers, however, anyone 16 and older with an interest in community service and the arts is encouraged to get involved.

“Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community, meet new friends and be part of a great organization”, said Susan Goodreds, Director of Volunteers.

For information or to apply for the Bethel Woods volunteer program visit or contact Susan Goodreds in the Volunteer Office at 845-295-2626.

About Bethel Woods Center for the Arts :

The mission of the not-for-profit Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is to present compelling programs from the arts that educate, entertain and engage audiences of all ages, to institute community outreach and education and improve the quality of life and vitality of the Sullivan County region.  Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is located approximately 90 minutes from New York City at the site of the original 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY.  The 15,000-seat outdoor performing arts venue and The Museum at Bethel Woods are set within 2,000 bucolic acres.  The main pavilion covers 4500 seats with another 10,500 on a natural sloping lawn while offering unique backdrops including the original festival site and the majesty of the surrounding Sullivan County countryside.  The venue presents a diverse selection of popular artists, a range of orchestral performances, community events and music and arts educational opportunities.  By providing artists with the opportunity to perform on one of music's most legendary grounds, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is committed to being a world-class cultural destination.