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“What if Jeffersonville had __________ ?” [Complete the Sentence]

May 7, 2009

JEFFERSONVILLE – Residents of Jeffersonville will have an opportunity to share their ideas for the future at the first of two “community visioning workshops.”  The first workshop takes place at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 26that the Jeffersonville Fire House on Main Street.  Anyone interested in improving Jeffersonville and its business district, or who has an idea for a local project that would better the community, is encouraged to attend.


The workshops, co-sponsored by the JEMS and the Jeffersonville Chamber of Commerce, will be facilitated by staff from Sullivan Renaissance.  “Both sessions will be highly interactive,” said facilitator and community planner Helen Budrock, “They won’t be like meetings that most people are used to attending.”   


This first workshop is designed to give residents an opportunity to share their thoughts about what they like and don’t like about their community.  For most of the evening attendees will work in small groups on identifying Jeffersonville’s strengths and weaknesses in four specific areas: community aesthetics & appearance, business development & tourism, infrastructure & community facilities, and recreation/social issues. 


At the second workshop, scheduled the following week on Monday, June 1st (also at the fire house) participants will work on generating ideas for projects that build upon the information generated at the first workshop.  At the end, participants will then vote on the projects they would most like to see implemented.  Budrock will then work with the sponsoring organizations to select a handful of projects to get off the ground immediately and help identify potential funding sources for future projects.


Jeffersonville and the JEMS are on a path to receive a total of $30,000 in grant funding from Sullivan Renaissance over the next three years for a variety of beautification and community development projects.  This year, planned projects include new landscaping at WJFF radio, interpretive panels on local history to be installed on Main Street, along with new planter boxes and decorative banners, as well as a bus shelter for residents of the adult home. These workshops will help the group identify future projects, and address community needs beyond beautification.


For more information on this project contact Helen Budrock at 845-295-2462 or Diane Ivancich of JEMS at 845-292-0335.