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Winning homes and businesses that enhance Sullivan County

November 12, 2010

[MONTICELLO] – Homes and businesses that enhance the appearance of Sullivan County were recognized at the 2010 “Sullivan Showcase Awards” on November 11 at the Eagle’s Nest in Bloomingburg.  The annual awards are sponsored by the Sullivan County Board of Realtors and Sullivan Renaissance. 


·        Best Residential Green: Jeff McMahon and Lizanne Haimes, North Branch

·        Best Residential Addition: Charles Petersheim, Eldred

·        Best Residential Renovation: Carolyn Ann Owens /Gregory Solowsky, Fremont Center; Jeff Lawson/Peter Hutchman, Kauneonga Lake; Ben White, Liberty

·        Unique/Most Interesting Residential: Wes and Beata Tavor, Smallwood

·        Best Residential Construction (under 2500 sf): Norah Lawlor and Jeffrey Bradford, Barryville

·        Best Residential Construction (over 2500 sf): The Lake House, Shandelee

·        Special Award Category: Scripps Networks – DIY, Happy Avenue, Bethel

·        Best Commercial Spruce Up: Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County, Monticello

·        Best Commercial Renovation (under 2500 sf): “BrookHouse Gallery” David Bush and Luiz Aragon, Barryville

·        Best Commercial Renovation (over 2500 sf): “Green Earth Realty,” Marc Dubrovsky, Kenoza Lake; “Dancing Cat Saloon,” Stacy Cohen and Monte Sachs, Bethel

·        Best New Commercial Construction: “Jeff Bank,” White Lake  

·        Best New Construction Modular: “EcoGreen Community Housing at SCCC” Loch Sheldrake

·        Unique/Most Interesting Commercial: “Blue Hills Farm Tent & Breakfast,” Jane Luchsinger, Narrowsburg

·        Sign Acknowledgements: “Dancing Cat Saloon,” Bethel; “in2retro,” Mongaup Valley

·        Municipal/Public Building [awarded $2000 grant for beautification by Sullivan Renaissance]: Mountaindale Railway Visitor’s Center, Town of Fallsburg


The complete list of finalists and winners – including owners, contractor/builders and architects/designers – is attached.  Showcase committee chair Diane Deutsch, who emceed the awards, encouraged everyone to begin thinking about nominations for 2011.  For more information about the awards, call Mary Bakalis at 845-794-2735,




Residential judges were Diane Deutsch of Preferred Homes & Properties, Joe Freda of Freda Real Estate and Glenn Pontier of Sullivan Renaissance. 


Commercial judges were: Diane Butler of Eagle Valley Realty, Susan Boersema of Ulster Savings Bank and Deborah Hornicek of Callicoon Real Estate.


Best Residential Green

This year the Showcase added a new category – Best Residential Green – to acknowledge homes that are build with the environment and sustainability in mind.

WINNER: Stewart Road, North Branch 

Owner: Jeff McMahon & Lizanne Haimes

Contractor/Builder: Jeff McMahon

Designer: Jeff McMahon


Best Residential Addition

FINALIST: White Lake Homes, Kauneonga Lake

Owner: Leonard Shirman

Contractor/Builder: John Connolly

WINNER: Crawford Road, Eldred

Owner: Charles Petersheim

Contractor/Builder: Charles Petersheim – Catskill Farms


Best Residential Renovation

This category is unusual this year because there are three winners.  After reviewing all the entries, the judges were faced with three very distinct and varied finalists – each which could be the winner. The three judges then evaluated the entries point by point using a numeric scale – and found that all three homes had received exactly the same number of points.  Without further ado – here are the three winners in Best Residential Renovation.

WINNER: Skyline Drive, Fremont Center

Owner: Carolyn Ann Owens /Gregory Solowsky

Contractor/Builder: Scott & Doug Woods

WINNER: Broadway, Kauneonga Lake

Owner: Jeff Lawson/Peter Hutchman

Contractor/Builder: Allison & Devore

Architect: Irace Architecture, Joseph Irace

WINNER: Dahlia Road, Liberty

Owner: Ben White

Contractor/Builder: Catskill Harvest, Will Foster

Architect: Irace Architecture, Joseph Irace


Unique/Most Interesting Residential

WINNER: Smallwood, Bethel

Owner: Wes & Beata Tavor

Contractor/Builder: WT Builders

Designer: Alvin Adler


Best New Residential Construction – Under 2500 Square Feet

FINALIST: Lake Ridge Road, Narrowsburg

Owner: Denzil & Carolyn Gallagher

Contractor/Builder: Catskill Farms

Architects: KLM Architects

FINALIST: Tuthill Road, Barryville

Owner: Bryce Boyd and Thomas Norrby

Contractor/Builder: Catskill Farms

FINALIST: Bluestone Drive, Eldred                              

Owner: Gayle Berman

Contractor/Builder: Catskill Farms

Architects: KLM Architects

WINNER: Kodiak Road, Barryville

Owners: Norah Lawlor and Jeffrey Bradford

Contractor/Builder: Catskill Farms

Architects: KLM Architects


Best New Residential Construction – Over 2500 Square Feet

FINALIST: Pine Lake Drive, Wurtsboro

Owner: Phil Milo

Contractor/Builders: PB Majestic Homes and Wurtsboro Electric Service, Inc.

FINALIST: Clear Lake Road, Roscoe

Owners: Sally and Ed Cerny

Contractor/Builder: Allison & Devore

Architect: Irace Architecture, Joseph Irace

FINALIST: Chapin Estate, White Lake

Owners: Russ and Barbara Campbell

Contractor/Builder: Log Chips, LLC, Fred Krol

WINNER: The Lake House

Contractor/Builder: Green Earth Companies Northeast, LLC, Marc Dubrovsky

Architect: Dennis Wedlick Architect, LLC


Special Award Category

WINNER: Happy Avenue, Bethel

Owner: Scripps Networks – DIY

Contractor/Builder: Catskill Farms


Best Commercial Spruce Up

FINALIST: Old Stranahan Building, Main Street, Narrowsburg

Owner: Jane Slawyer, Narrowsburg

Contractor/Builder: Narrowsburg Beautification Group/Delaware Valley Job Corps

WINNER: Literacy Volunteer Center, 63 North Street, Monticello

Owner: Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County

Contracting Volunteers: Barbara Sush and Jamie Noeth


Best Commercial Renovation Under 2500 SF  

FINALIST: “Peace, Love & Ice Cream,” 200 Rock Hill Drive, Rock Hill

Owner: Les & Barbara Fischer

Contractor/Builder: Stanley & Sons

WINNER: “BrookHouse Gallery,” 5 Austin Road, Barryville

Owner: David Bush & Luiz Aragon

Contractor/Builder: Rory McKean, McKean Custom Homes, Milford


Best Commercial Renovation Over 2500 SF

FINALIST: “Lander’s River Trips,” 5961 Route 97, Narrowsburg

Owner: Rick Lander

Contractor/Builder: Lance Mercado, Narrowsburg

WINNER: “Green Earth Realty,” 5663 Route 52, Kenoza Lake

Owner: Marc Dubrovsky

Designer: Marc Dubrovsky

Contractor/Builder: Green Earth Companies, Northeast, LLC, Marc Dubrovsky

WINNER: “Dancing Cat Saloon,” 2037 Route 17B, Bethel

Owner: Stacy Cohen & Monte Sachs

Designer: Audrey Cohen/Monte Sachs

Contractor/Builder: Built to Last/Aaron Salovin


Best New Commercial Construction

WINNER: “Jeff Bank,” 1460 Route 17B, White Lake  

Owner: HSD, LLC/Jeff Bank

Contractor/Builder: Woodstone Companies, Bethel

Designer: Steve Dubrovsky


Best New Construction Modular

WINNER: “EcoGreen Community Housing at SCCC” Loch Sheldrake

Owner: EcoGreen Community Housing Fund

Contractor/Builder: The Ruby Group, Goshen

Architect: Mike Berta, Poughkeepsie


Unique/Most Interesting Commercial

FINALIST: “Cottage at Belle Knowle,” Eldred

Owner: Erin & Larry Farmer

WINNER: “Blue Hills Farm Tent and Breakfast,” Narrowsburg

Owner: Jane Luchsinger

Contractor/Builder: Ken McGinnis


Special Acknowledgement – Signs

Good signage is important, which is why two signs are being recognized this year.

CERTIFICATE TO: “Dancing Cat Saloon,” 2037 Route 17B, Bethel

Owner: Stacy Cohen & Monte Sachs

Artist: Paul Stark, White Lake

CERTIFICATE TO: “in2retr0,” 1163 Route 17B, Mongaup Valley

Owner: Amy Kuperblum


Municipal/Public Building

The winner of this category receives a $2000 award from Sullivan Renaissance to help with planting flowers, landscaping and other beautification. 

WINNER: Mountaindale Railway Visitor’s Center, 11 Station Road, Mountaindale

Owner: Town of Fallsburg

Architect: Bernard Kozykowski

Engineer: William H. Illing

Landscaping: Mountaindale Action Committee

Contractor/Builder: Precise Landscaping, Inc., Wallkill


Van Morrow put together the PowerPoint presentation; Ann Finneran of Sullivan Renaissance created the award certificates; and Mary Greene, Lori Malone, Jennifer Bitetto, Emily Grillo and Danielle Gaebel of The River Reporter produced the journal.