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Sullivan County to Convert in January, 2011

November 24, 2010

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County will convert to Single Stream Recycling in January, 2011.  The announcement was made by Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Jonathan F. Rouis on America Recycles Day – November 15 – a nationally recognized day to inform and educate the public about recycling.  Sullivan County will partner with Hudson Baylor Corporation to embark on this Single Stream Recycling (SSR) format.

“The County’s Solid Waste System is moving forward with an emphasis on removing waste from the waste stream that otherwise would be exported to landfills.  Recycling is a major way to reduce the amount of waste, along with the Household Hazardous Waste program, and other special recycling programs to be launched in 2011,” said Rouis.

SSR is a proven way to increase the quantity of materials recovered for recycling and decrease the amount of garbage produced – which saves everyone money and time.  SSR is a convenient method of collecting many types of recyclables all together in one container style.  SSR consolidates recyclable paper, glass, plastic and metals for easy storage, collection and transport to recycling facilities for processing.  In fact, double-digit recycling increases have been reported in communities that convert to SSR.  Improved convenience means better compliance with mandatory recycling regulations.

“While recycling has been mandatory in New York State and Sullivan County since 1992, compliance and participation rates have been challenging,” said Kathleen M. LaBuda, Legislature Majority Leader.  “I had created and chaired the recycling sub-committee from its inception, and I believe that converting from our present dual-stream system to the single stream option will promote compliance with the reality that multiple containers will no longer be required,” added LaBuda.

Sullivan County began its recycling program in 1989, recycling 80 tons of newspaper that first year.  Sullivan County presently recycles over 5000 tons of cans, plastic, paper, metal and glass within the county’s recycling network.

“Single Stream Recycling will remove a lot of the complaints that we receive from those who find separation of recyclables in the dual stream system both confusing and a bother,” said Leni C. Binder, Legislature Minority Leader.

"Our nation needs to break the vicious cycle of paying billions of dollars a year to dispose of precious resources in landfills.  Instead, these materials should be recycled and reused to grow our economy so we can maintain our competitiveness in the emerging global marketplace," said District 9 Legislator Alan J. Sorensen.

Hudson Baylor Corporation (HBC) specializes in providing recycling services.  A growing organization with a 27 year history of success exclusively in the recycling industry, HBC operates 12 recycling facilities in four states.  Hudson Baylor operates Single Stream and Dual Stream plants.  Three plants in the West serve seven Arizona municipalities: Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Peoria and Avondale.  Eight facilities in the Northeast include: Newburgh, Brookhaven, Dutchess County, Rockland County, South Windsor, CT and Cape May, NJ.

Hudson Baylor recently received planning board and city council approvals from the City of Beacon to construct a 66,000 square foot SSR facility to serve the Hudson Valley.  This regional facility will utilize the latest optical and star screen technology to sort fiber, plastic and glass.  As single stream operations around the country have indicated, SSR increases recycling rates and diverts waste that would otherwise go to landfills.

“Sullivan County is pleased to announce Single Stream Recycling as our next recycling milestone, as more convenience for the public will equal increased recycling compliance and participation in the Sullivan County Recycling Program,” concluded County Manager David P. Fanslau.

For more information: contact Legislators at 845-807-0435 or David Fanslau at 845-807-0450